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Free Damaged SD Card Files and Photos Recovery Software

by nana wang (2018-12-19)


Lost files or photos due to Damaged SD Card? Thousands of video, pictures on it and wait for recovery? Relax, today we will show you how to perform damaged SD card recovery in 3 to unformat a hard drive from xbox one


Nowadays, most of the electronic devices are using SD card or Micro SD card, Such as Android smartphone, digital camera/camcorder, music player, etc. Many people rely on the convenient and portable SD card to shoot photos, video, store files, music, etc.

However, there is one thing we have to tell that the SD card it's easily prone to corruption, we've known that data after formatted or accidental deletion can be recovered with Memory card data recovery software, then how to recover data from damaged or corrupted SD card?how to unformat a hard drive from xbox one

If you have Windows or Mac computer, you can easily download Bitwar Data Recovery software, which is a powerful memory card recovery software can be used to rescue data from Corrupted SD card.

How to recover files and photos from corrupted SD card?

Step 1. Download Bitwar Data Recovery Software and then install on your Windows computer or Mac, launch the software and find your SD card.

Step 2. Click Next to select types of files you have lost, such as choosing Photos only to shorten the scanning time.
Step 3. Find your photos and double-click to preview. Click Recover if necessary. TIPS: Save the files or photos to the computer, after fix the SD card, then you can copy the files or photos back to the SD card. how to unformat a hard drive from xbox one


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